Holy moly, the devs of can't catch a break! First with an autosave that could corrupt certain SD cards, and now their ad-hoc connections send packages that boot-loop devices: reddit.com/r/Games/comments/dx

The plot of has a major buttpull not even thirty minutes into the game, where the item used to Dynamax is a piece of meteorite that happens to fall right besides you and your rival... and happens to be TWO shards, how convenient huh

Pros of : the trainers' animations got a huge glowup
Cons: no touchscreen support whatsoever. WHY

So @digitalfoundry@twitter.com came to the same conclusion as I did: the development of was intentionally cut short to resell an updated rerelease next year. youtu.be/czXsJwfjps8?t=13m25s

Just saw references to "mum" and "telly" in . Guess I'll find that the stats are now spelled "Defence" and "Special Defence" respectively

git log --author=$USER --format="- %B" --since=-7days --reverse |mail -s "What I've done this week" boss@company\.com # Send a commit report to your boss

MFW I'm so out-of-date with my YouTube subscriptions, that I'm only starting to watch the videos on

This looks perfect for - 1GB internal memory, 512 MB RAM, a slot for a micro-SD, and it fits snugly behind your modem, all for the low low price of $24 USD: seeedstudio.com/ROCK-PI-S-Mini

there's a difference between a power strip and a surge protector, in that the latter protects against surges and shorts, and the former can look a lot like a toasted marshmallow

Con las amistades que se tiene con Bolivia y Venezuela, tenía mis sospechas de que el presidente de México, Andrés López Obrador, era comunista... y no va siendo que hay pruebas fehacientes de que sí lo es: eluniversal.com.mx/nacion/poli

I wonder if there are smashers out there that think a quarter-circle is performed as:
-Return to center
-Return to center

To make the outrage worse: I just found out that the Global Trade Station available on generations 6 and 7 is no longer available for . Why the heck would someone pay $20 to play Pokemon online then? To battle in the stalest competitive meta in ages?

Why do I still have the suspicion that the hashtag was intentionally crafted to push the under the rug?

This user in the subreddit nailed it with a prediction of competitive :

"Excadrill + Tyranitar are going to be the offensive face of OU. Toxapex + Ferrothorn are going to remain a great defensive core."


I would have never figured that the ban on one politician from would actually cause a flock of users moving from to , but here we are: bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-

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