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Configuré mi blog para seguirlo desde /#Pleroma. Así quedan mis contactos:

With and its parent company being purchased by , the obvious question is, will the Bethesda launcher and store be phased out in favor of the Microsoft Store (and maybe Steam)? And will there be day-and-date PC releases of games like Deathloop?

I wonder if some AI company is already working on an audio filter specifically designed to help people speaking with a mask to avoid sounding like they're muzzled and tied in the bottom of a barrel

Dear lord, somebody actually took the "Kellogg's vs Capcom" meme to its logical conclusion and I can't wait to see how much of the roster has to be extensively modified to avoid a trademark lawsuit.
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IT’S OFFICIAL! THE CEREAL KILLAZ DEMO CAMPAIGN WILL GO LIVE OCTOBER 15th over on IndieGoGo! The anime inspired Cereal mascot brawler is coming! Please check out the info below for the details! LET’S GET …

Just found out that a K-Pop band finally released a song in full English and, lo and behold, it's in the worldwide top 50 in Spotify

I was testing Retroarch on the Switch to see if I could run Super Mario 64 better than the 3D All-Stars Collection. Turns out that widescreen support is trivial, but 60 FPS requires a modified ROM because of the good old physics, no way to patch it just with cheat codes.

Not gonna lie, not running at 60 FPS in two out of the three games is a big downer

Si ven a alguien vendiendo el en a menos de 400 mil colones, sospechen bastante porque, a menos que estén comprando por mayoreo, probablemente estén evadiendo impuestos aduaneros. A las pruebas me remito:

Dear players: what happens if Roshi uses his Mafuba Evil Containment Wave in the specific scenario where 1. the opponent has a single fighter left and 2. Mafuba connects but does NOT knockout the fighter? Does the jar break? Does the attack fail altogether?

La "versión digital" del saldría en Costa Rica a unos 400 mil colones, y dependiendo de qué tan a menudo compro juegos físicos (casi nunca), probablemente me ahorre 100 mil pesitos

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Parece que el no va a bajar de los 500 mil colones en la versión con lector de discos, sumando impuestos de entrada:

Nice of Sony to explicitly say their console exclusives are also available on PC

I was asking myself "boy, I sure would love to play the original PS4 Spider-Man at 60 FPS on the new PS5" and guess what, it's confirmed - as a separate purchase apparently:

The presentation just had to give a platform to the author which must not be named, huh, time to boycott Sony or are we fine?

And there was a minuscule disclaimer at the end of the video confirming a PC version. Which I couldn't see in my smartphone the first time around, so there's that.

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So is a PS console exclusive - but that wording sure sounds like a PC version is coming too, hopefully not as an Epic Games exclusive. The disclaimer at the start of the video sure sounds like there IS a PC version already on the devs' computers

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 3.38 "Orbis"! After months of work from the GNOME Community, this release brings many new features and improvements. It also brings us a new release video!

Another case of automated copyright detection gone wrong for the original authors, CC @techdirt
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Toby Fox's live Japanese Undertale concert, featuring music that he created, was ContentID claimed by Osirois Music (who just happened to cover one of his songs).

Wondering if I can just, like, dump the ROM/ISOs from the cartridge, then run them through @libretro 's for the Switch with a 60 FPS patch, and compare if they run better or worse.

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