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Configuré mi blog para seguirlo desde /#Pleroma. Así quedan mis contactos:

Fun fact: my broke self hasn't really used Spotify this year, or Netflix for that matter. Saint Ignucius would be proud

I wonder when will @InnerslothDevs honor their old promise of open-sourcing @AmongUsGame , this game would benefit greatly from mod support among other things

Well, looks like some script rewrites are on order for The Last of Us Part 3

Comparte el mensaje de software libre usando el hashtag #UserFreedom en las redes sociales, y ayuda a impulsar el movimiento de software libre hoy:

Today I learned that @yunohost was officially translated to Spanish as and yep, that sounds accurate.

"Hello guys, I checked your exams, I can't believe you're the future of the country"
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I was today years old when I learned that the Mighty Gunvolt crossover and the Gal*Gunvolt crossover were actually ONE AND THE SAME:

Turns out "baby Yoda" was named "Grogu the Child" and I wonder if it's a reference to the Grog drink from LucasArts' Monkey Island series

Cimo que en este momento, esa idea da para una historia corta muy apta para nuestros tiempos
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Un rey promulga una ley contra el cariño.

Thinking about it, having the being called after a currently obsolete music player is about as fitting as calling the Game Awards the "Floppies"

Qué loco que en Argentina, tomando en cuenta los impuestos y el cepo cambiario, una persona tiene básicamente prohibido comprar más de dos videojuegos al mes

Not the same man apparently, but someone managed to pull the darnged feat:

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I wonder if the madlad that bragged about having bought three PS3s on release and then four PS4s managed to get his grubby hands on five PS5s

Bien sabemos que el @PoderJudicialCR no tiene los recursos ni la voluntad de expedir tres mil órdenes de prisión preventiva por el caso , pero francamente debería

It just dawned on me, there will be no way to use Twitter on the web without JavaScript on after that date. What is the @fsf going to do about this?
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Espero que por culpa de los locos (y potencialmente hasta criminales) que se pusieron a pasar packs de desnudos por , no salga rascando la comunidad de software libre que tiene canal ahí tambien.

Si los rumores son ciertos, el régimen de Venezuela probablemente haya sufrido un grave bajón de ingresos a partir de ayer

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