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And the award for the greatest title slide ever goes to…

(from a wonderful student presentation in my Reformation seminar this morning. shared with permission).

It's the third time that I apply for the beta of a platform fighter and I have to reject it because it demands signing an indefinite NDA

Wondering if Mr. Anthony "Tony" Hawk has taken any stance regarding the mismanagement of his name at ActiBlizz

In that regard, @GOGGalaxy is making some progress, showing all the versions of your games in several platforms, but the player's progress is still not shared between one and the other. Replaying a game from square one just to unlock trophies elsewhere is a major vendor lock-in!

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Know what would make it less of a hassle to buy games in separate stores or consoles? A standardized system to sync your saves and achievements between platforms. That way you could safely buy a game on GOG and have it show your progress on Steam and vice versa.

You might not like it but this is the most optimum layout for programming

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The Omnicron variant is just another example of how COVID will be prolonged if rich nations and Big Pharma keep blocking vaccine distribution.

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I can't believe the presidents of Activision and Blizzard are named Bobby Kotick and Robby Kostich. That's Wario and Waluigi kinda bullshit

ALELUYA, lo que necesitábamos para poder aplicar como se debe el mentado QR es que las instituciones públicas faciliten obtenerlo lo máximo posible
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Las personas vacunadas en nuestro país que quieran obtener el certificado con el impreso, pueden visitar algunas oficinas financieras de la CCSS, Municipalidades y Bibliotecas Públicas. Conozca cuáles aquí 👇🏽

A ver a ver, ¿cómo que el ateísmo no es la adoración de la diosa griega de la discordia, Ate? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At%C3%AB

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Richard William Duncan Pound, CC OQ CD QC, campeón canadiense de natación y vicepresidente del comité Olímpico, realmente un día se levantó y dijo "ey sería re gracioso si me llamaran Dick Pound".

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Hatsune Miku turns out to be a horrible bigot

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Replacing the nose pads on your glasses @badedgecases

A task that necessitates 1) taking your glasses off and then 2) manipulating some screws that are ridiculously hard to see

Me pregunto si en serio soy la única persona del país que sigue boicoteando el fútbol nacional desde que lo quitó de televisión abierta. Bueno, eso y lo de Marcel tampoco ayuda

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