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In just the last month's time:
- temperatures of 121° in British Columbia
- wildfires burning across the United States
- deadly flooding in China and in Europe
- drought throughout more than 95% of the American West

But bold action on climate is 'extreme'? Give me a break.

I'd be all like "this is what I would have made if I had a longer deadline... and a larger cart" youtu.be/RqezF_Lv05Y

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Trope Name: Reverse Scarcity

Finding a lot of something even though the people have no use for it.

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Trope Name: Monotony Addiction

Characters who like to take boredom to extremes.

In the artistic field, NFTs killed the concept of decentralization for many - for them the first picture that comes to their mind is no longer "host a website in your own server", but rather "burn a forest's worth of coal to print a digital certificate"

Wondering if Nishija Momiji will make it as an expansion to @TonyHawkTheGame whenever it comes to BattleNet at least

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Netflix's pokemon live action gonna be looking like this

Record-low temperatures in my town, combined with my laptop fan, mean that my server is running at just 43 degrees Celsius, wow

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Everytime someone says 2020 can't get worse the entire universe responds with

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so it turns out they will let anybody buy a switch pro controller, like you literally don’t even have to be a professional or anything they will just fucking sell one to you over the counter

being a gamer used to mean something

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El surfista Cali cruzó todo el país, se hizo la prueba del Covid y se subió a un avión y llegó a Japón y usted ni siquiera se ha levantado a desayunar —cualquier mamá hoy.

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