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23. El Dr. Moreno Cañas fue una eminencia: Ganó la primera maratón realizada en CR, ganó una medalla de Honor por sus cirugías durante la 1ªGuerra Mundial en Francia, fue el primero en hacer una cirugía a corazón abierto en CR, fundó la Liga Nacional de Fútbol, fue diputado.

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Every day is Taco Tuesday if you have tacos and don't care what day it is

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recent hard-hitting headlines from . Potent journalism.

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Best of the curated completions from the prompt: "Inside every Smash player there are two wolves." patreon.com/posts/54521304

I dubbed the what's 9 plus 10 equals 21 video in Spanish
cuanto es 9 mas 10? veintiuno? estúpido

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The whole internet loves Hardhat Cat, a lovely cat that wears a hardhat! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the cat supports the annexation of Crimea

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found on the achievements page for cookie clicker:

If it's interpreted as a block of hexadecimal colors, they're red and green respectively:

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Hold up, didn't a Dragon Quest protag use literally this outfit?
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Shelley Duvall na Vogue em 1971: tudo pra mim

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levels of environmental storytelling that one can only aspire to in art

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unfortunately for everyone including myself, I will not shut up

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