Remember the old leaks that implied Marnie was the stranded princess of Galar? And then it turned out that the actual royalty of Galar ended up being... these two jerks?


"Mae, pero ese árbol de navidad ni siquiera es un árbol, es literalmente una escalera con lucecitas puestas, pedazo de vagabundo"

My second batch of assorted blasphemies of a controller that I've found on Amazon, for the consideration of . My review on the image descriptions.

Dude finds out he caught an aggressive colo-rectal cancer, starts a fundraiser with the most fitting name imaginable:

Today I learned that, while Twitter hides posts by accounts that are temporarily suspended, the text itself can still be translated and displayed. Case in point:

TFW will feature only 40% of the old Pokemon and you know there'll be a rerelease next year, but nobody plays competitive so you'll have to play it anyway:

What a shame that I was lagging behind on my YouTube subscriptions, because I missed this gem of a parody:

Problem: a good part of my smartphone's screen leaked

Solution: go full Hackerman, crop the screen with a debugging tool

Aún no tengo idea de cómo un aumento de 4% en el pase del tren desencadenó una protesta tal que el gobierno de impuso un toque de queda, pero así estamos y a estas alturas me da miedo preguntar.

My favorite part of Subspace Emissary 2 is when Intelleon finally reaches the Master Ball where Eternatus is held, and it looks like this:

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