Dude finds out he caught an aggressive colo-rectal cancer, starts a fundraiser with the most fitting name imaginable:


Today I learned that, while Twitter hides posts by accounts that are temporarily suspended, the text itself can still be translated and displayed. Case in point:

TFW will feature only 40% of the old Pokemon and you know there'll be a rerelease next year, but nobody plays competitive so you'll have to play it anyway:

What a shame that I was lagging behind on my YouTube subscriptions, because I missed this gem of a parody: youtu.be/h4yxxi4O2rk

Problem: a good part of my smartphone's screen leaked

Solution: go full Hackerman, crop the screen with a debugging tool

Aún no tengo idea de cómo un aumento de 4% en el pase del tren desencadenó una protesta tal que el gobierno de impuso un toque de queda, pero así estamos y a estas alturas me da miedo preguntar.

My favorite part of Subspace Emissary 2 is when Intelleon finally reaches the Master Ball where Eternatus is held, and it looks like this:

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