Dear lord, somebody actually took the "Kellogg's vs Capcom" meme to its logical conclusion and I can't wait to see how much of the roster has to be extensively modified to avoid a trademark lawsuit.
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IT’S OFFICIAL! THE CEREAL KILLAZ DEMO CAMPAIGN WILL GO LIVE OCTOBER 15th over on IndieGoGo! The anime inspired Cereal mascot brawler is coming! Please check out the info below for the details! LET’S GET …

Si ven a alguien vendiendo el en a menos de 400 mil colones, sospechen bastante porque, a menos que estén comprando por mayoreo, probablemente estén evadiendo impuestos aduaneros. A las pruebas me remito:

Parece que el no va a bajar de los 500 mil colones en la versión con lector de discos, sumando impuestos de entrada:

Another case of automated copyright detection gone wrong for the original authors, CC @techdirt
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Toby Fox's live Japanese Undertale concert, featuring music that he created, was ContentID claimed by Osirois Music (who just happened to cover one of his songs).

In order to know whether @AMD is going to sell an affordable alternative to the @nvidia 2060 for the holidays, we'll have to wait almost two months more. I'm planning to go team red anyway, but the wait will be painfully long.
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Join us on October 8 and October 28 to learn more about the big things on the horizon for PC gaming.

Finally, something new-ish from Nintendo after Clubhouse Games. I thought they'd just take a break this year and rack in the money from Animal Crossing
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Announcing a new title set 100 years before The Legend of : Breath of the Wild, presented by the developers from Nintendo and KOEI Tecmo Games.

Watch now:

Hacienda dándole al botón de Snooze al impuesto de servicios digitales, otra vez, y no me sorprende que sigan en eso durante unos cuantos años más
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Holy mother of contractual loopholes... when Facebook said "you won't need to use a FB account to use your Oculus devices" they conveniently forgot to add "...because the Oculus brand will be replaced with Facebook's"
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Oculus (and other VR/AR divisions) is now essentially called Facebook Reality Labs

Oculus Connect is now Facebook Connect

Como persona que se toma un cafecito para bajar el almuerzo y lidiar con la marea alcalina, apruebo este mensaje
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*terminamos de almorzar*

Yo inmediatamente:

¿Recuerdan el meme que compartió Marino Protti (no confundir con Marcelo Protti) que decía que temblaba menos por la restricción de placas? Pues qué coincidencia que hoy que la restricción bajó de intensidad, pum, un .

Ah yes, the mad escapades of John McAfee continue, and today I learned he's an antimasker as well:

Hasta "Drácula" de Bram Stoker tiene una puya contra los filibusteros:

La semana antepasada pedí una orden de helados Sensación que me vinieron a dejar a la casa, veinte por ¢7000. ¿Son los famosos "helados clandestinos"? Porque me dio miedo que sean baratos por eso

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