There is something scary about the worst-case scenario of the lockdown. How can any population survive being forbidden from leaving home for a full year and a half? How will crops grow and be picked? How will they be even given to people, when delivery ends up banned?

@IzzyOnDroid I'd have my home computer mining too, but it gets noisy at night and my poor ma can't sleep with those fans at full throttle

I recently found out about 's and I just finished to configure them for basically every site I log into nowadays. Good luck tracking my patterns from now on, et al

@IzzyOnDroid I'd have my home server grinding, but there's the little big problem that it's a Raspberry Pi and there are no F@H binaries for ARM architectures, yet.

The releasing schematics for a cheap makeshift ventilator in the middle of a pandemic is extremely clever and potentially even lifesaving:

I'm surprised that Mexico being a superpower on both and , there's no major Mexican player maining Terry in

In these times of "social distancing", keeping social contact using online media feels like a rush of toxic positivity in a period where society that should justly be under alarm. There ought to be emotional distancing. There ought to be an embracing of isolation.

Wondering when will drop the NC clause off the license for his music, so it can be

Somebody sent me a scam mail claiming to have hacked my webcam to record me "satisfying" myself to an adult video and requesting a Bitcoin shush payment. To me, pretty much the only person in the world who refuses to pleasure himself

Remember the old times when people paired Pentium processors with ATI graphics cards? In the near future there could well be people pairing Ryzen processors with Xe graphics cards.

Trying to find a way to stay concentrated during WfH, while being constantly nagged by a guilt-tripping mother which I can't currently live without

Con la tonada de "Dorime" / "Ameno":

Y tu vida sigue igual
Es Dorival

The bulkier characters, like Master Mummy and Mechanica are unfortunately too large to fit the hitboxes from the characters quoted above. Byte and Barq are a dual character - also a no-go. And sadly, Twintelle having her "arms" on her hair makes things difficult for her chances.

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My personal theory is that the character in will actually be eight different alt skins. Considering that all eight must have the same hitboxes, my bets are for:
- Spring Man
- Ribbon Girl
- Ninjara
- Min-Min
- Kid Kobra
- Helix
- Lola Pop
- Springtron

La está planteando un impuesto solidario para salarios mensuales de CRC 500000 para arriba. La gran pregunta será: ¿cuánto me van a pellizcar del salario? ¿Y cuánto me van a devolver como rebate? Así como para saber cuánto presupuesto para la quincena entrante.

Today I learned that was actually dubbed to both American and European Spanish

Just yesterday I was playing with the Spring Man Mii Brawler. What are the bleepin' chances.

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