Turquía le hace honor a su nombre y recibe tremenda turqueada de los italianos

So if the rumors are real, the dude that "accidentally" forgot to turn off the mods before speedrunning is a prepubescent kid that looks like a Jigglypuff, and even his surname rhymes with Puff, dear lord

Revisando la repetición de la conferencia de prensa de hoy, y por una vez en la vida el me sirve para algo

Hoy aprendí que hubo un proyecto de ley para penar con multa la "hora tica" (esa costumbre de llegar media hora tarde a todo) con una décima de salario base (aprox. 45000 colones). ¿El postulante? Nada menos que un representante legal de relojes Casio. qcostarica.com/goodbye-to-la-h

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Friendly Reminder: If you're having fun, it ain't a Losers' Bracket.

A blockchain that uses proof of bandwidth instead of proof of work, and uses that bandwidth for secured connections - that sounds like an interesting that actually does something: pkt.cash/

@danrabbit Any plans to make action buttons be stored and work on the notification tray, like they do on Android? It's my current gripe with both GNOME and KDE, not being able to even click them to open the corresponding app

Literally bonked all the way to horny jail
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The richest man on Earth shilled a porn shitcoin called Cumrocket (ticker: CUMMIES) which turned out to be a honeypot, ie selling the coin can be disabled later on through the smartcontract so all buyers are trapped and can only watch helplessly while insiders dump on them


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