Well, screw it, now that @IndieGala@twitter.com had a sale on it, I went out and bought and its DLC. It can't be THAT bad if it's somehow nominated to best fighting game of the year at the , right?

@omgubuntu I wonder if someone will manage to install the @yunohost stack on a PinePhone, use a dynamic DNS service and actually host your own server directly from your smartphone

Turns out the reason why GameFreak cut so many Pokemon from was that they still needed to give them animations for the Pokemon Camp, and only had time to animate roughly 400. Hopefully the other 400 or so are animated on time for Dynasword next year!

The prizeholders could've chosen a better arena fighter like Dissidia NT. Gundam Versus. Kill la Kill IF. Even an indie like Override or Combat Core. But no, they had to go with Jump Force because ANIME BAYBEE

Si en algo debemos estar de acuerdo, tanto los que están a favor de Evo como los que están en contra, es que Bolivia necesita nuevas elecciones lo más pronto posible: voanoticias.com/a/bolivia--nue

is trying to build its own version of the , eventually banning and having every entry vetted by a government official. Just awesome. globalvoices.org/2019/11/11/pu

My theory is that Runerigus in was not named "Galarian Cofagrigus" because the latter name kept tripping the censor filter

, where "Alyx" is Ancient Greek for "Gabe Newell is physically unable to count up to three"

"The good parts of are like love letters to the franchise adrift in a sea of cut corners, half-realized ideas, and deliberate misinformation/straight up lies from the people above them." reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/

Good thing of @CapcomUSA_@twitter.com to cut down on the micro transactions with . A flat fee of $25 for a bundle with all costumes and characters is a much better sell.

Holy moly, the devs of can't catch a break! First with an autosave that could corrupt certain SD cards, and now their ad-hoc connections send packages that boot-loop devices: reddit.com/r/Games/comments/dx

The plot of has a major buttpull not even thirty minutes into the game, where the item used to Dynamax is a piece of meteorite that happens to fall right besides you and your rival... and happens to be TWO shards, how convenient huh

Pros of : the trainers' animations got a huge glowup
Cons: no touchscreen support whatsoever. WHY

So @digitalfoundry@twitter.com came to the same conclusion as I did: the development of was intentionally cut short to resell an updated rerelease next year. youtu.be/czXsJwfjps8?t=13m25s

@PINE64 Costarican here, I'd love to buy one but I'm not sure if it'd end up stuck on customs due to me having to pay the import taxes in person. Do you have a PO box service?

Just saw references to "mum" and "telly" in . Guess I'll find that the stats are now spelled "Defence" and "Special Defence" respectively

@fnn As a member of the fediverse: well duh that was the whole point

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