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Every day is Taco Tuesday if you have tacos and don't care what day it is

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recent hard-hitting headlines from . Potent journalism.

Una consulta, después de que @HaciendaCR apruebe el impuesto a la lotería, ¿la Junta de Protección Social promocionará los premios en medios con o sin el impuesto incluído (es decir, en bruto vs. en neto)?

Opa, qué adelantada va la versión internacional de El Cuento de la Criada

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how tf did steve from blues clues apologize for leaving me before my dad

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Best of the curated completions from the prompt: "Inside every Smash player there are two wolves."

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Inside every Smash player there are two wolves. One is a racist and the other is an incel. Some people called "furries" have a third wolf inside of them, but for different reasons. There's also a secret fourth wolf that is a literal wolf. His name is Odin and he's also racist.

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"dear future children," i write in my journal, "as a gamer, it's very unlikely i'll ever have you, but on the off chance that i do, i'm sorry in advance for abandoning you." i look up and smile at my therapist. i could tell we were making some serious progress.

Acá extrañado más bien de que no esté en la cárcel, o como mínimo en proceso judicial en este momento. El Banco Mundial tiene un fajo de pruebas más que suficiente para mandarlo a juicio por acoso

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“you didn’t get bullied is school for watching anime you got bullied for naruto running in the halls” actually it was the hare hare yukai at recess so write that down

I dubbed the what's 9 plus 10 equals 21 video in Spanish
cuanto es 9 mas 10? veintiuno? estúpido

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CD Projekt Red's biggest mistake with Cyberpunk 2077 was trying to develop a new game. They should have done what Rockstar decided, which is to keep releasing the same game since 2013.

Self-Hosting Resources Made Simple

Sharing is very appreciated.

:verified: Freedombox, fastest way to #selfhosting

📩 Mail In A Box, email selfhosting

:gnu: Yunohost, all-in-one selfhosting package

:nextcloud: Nextcloud Devices

👍 Awesome List

💚 Awesome Directory

📻 Podcast

#Yunohost #Freedombox #FreeSoftware

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@mwlucas The important thing is, it's a step towards nuclear energy that isn't dangerously radioactive on production, and just for that their efforts are worth it

Oh and let's not forget, a dedicated button to lock the direction you're facing to perform retreating attacks.

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