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Looks like the cut most overpowered Pokemon. Of all the Sun/Moon OU/Ubers, only 7 made the cut:
-Gengar (Mega: Uber, base: UU)
-Sableye (Mega: OU, base: PU)
-Clefable (OU)
-Ferrothorn (OU)
-Gyarados (Mega: OU, base: UUBL)
-Kommo'o (OU)
-Mawile (Mega: OU, base: untiered)

If the are right, the full Galarian Pokedex is exactly 400 entries long, including all the new Pokemon. Looks like the cut was even more efficient than Thanos was.

A full list of Pokemon cut from likely due to the difficulty of implementing them:

However, Rotom and Aegislash are somehow in.

Do not, under any circumstances, allow to create four additional branches, or else they'll literally become the

Geez, all the starter evos look positively slinky and weak. Except for Rillaboom a.k.a. Bongorilla who looks, dunno, borderline racist.

Is it me, or is the redesign team cutting down in the fully bunched ponytails? Couldn't help noticing it on Mercy and Mei in particular.

Holy moly, if the of Bongorilla and Intelleon are true, I'l seriously consider to go Team Harebolt however it looks like.

Hold on, is , like, an expansion of Overwatch 1 with shared progress? Very interesting move there

Literally all I care about the announcement is:
- how much will it cost to Overwatch 1 owners, and
- whether the Overwatch 1 servers will be shut down

Holy hell, is the leaning on the controversy without explicitly mentioning it once

Did I hear it correctly? A weak, vague apology in the opening of ?

has started huh? Try No Nut Twenty-Nine Years and Counting here and I wish I were joking

Resulta que Becky G y la actriz de voz de Mandy en el doblaje mexicano comparten el mismo nombre de pila, Rebeca Gómez. Hm.

The developers of Android Taskbar actually merged their tool with the Lawnchair launcher! The perfect setup for an laptop, I can't wait to see it formally integrated in .

Resulta que un adaptador para control de Playstation que mandé a pedir, ocupa una batería recargable tipo 18650. Y el único lugar donde está disponible en este país es... en una tienda de vapeadores (y en Steren, pero...

Resulta que el adaptador que mandé a pedir ocupa una batería recargable tipo 18650, y el único lugar donde está disponible en este país es... tiendas de vapeadores. Así que mi abstemia cara de straight-edge le tocará pegarse el color de llamar a una.

What a shame that I was lagging behind on my YouTube subscriptions, because I missed this gem of a parody:

I never thought witch costumes could count as cultural appropriation but someone non-ironically says otherwise:

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