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I'm very glad to see @mozilla adopting @matrix as their successor to , which means Riot will be getting plenty of feedback to improve. I'd be using it myself if my VPS wasn't tight on storage space right now...

I think I came up with an ethical CRISPR baby scenario hang on lemme write this into a paper for JAMA

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* SQL injection baby
* AI-adversarial genome editing
* AGPL in your DNA to make it Google resistant

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A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

Turns out it wasn't but an interquel? Anyway, I'm more than happy

Just moved my domain name to a provider that supports dynamic DNSs called , in case I start self-hosting from home or my smartphone. I thought the transfer would bork my site - so far no problems.

If anything, the tournament made me want to see if there's a Snatcher Suit Snake mod for

#impeachment #uspol 

Estaba viendo que ya salió el resumen del año para usuarios de Spotify... aunque a mí no me llegó nada porque cancelé la suscripción hace casi un año, y con esto del IVA probablemente nunca la reactive

Looks like it'll be the second year in a row that I voluntarily skip watching the

Hablando de traducciones mal hechas en España: hoy aprendí que en Yugi-oh, las cartas "Tuner" (que sirven para invocar los llamados "monstruos Sincro") se tradujeron en España como... ¡"Cantantes"! (El doblaje latino del animé las tradujo correctamente como "Afinadores")

No puedo esperar a que pasen un anuncio de Javier Badilla, del Instituto de Programación Neurolingüística donde empiece diciendo:

"¿Está usted en el espacio mental apropiado para recibir información que posiblemente le dañe?"

How long until is ported in its entirety to ?

Idea mental insistente que tengo en este momento: la voz del locutor de Teletica diciendo, "¿Está usted en el espacio mental apropiado para recibir información que posiblemente le dañe?"

Anyone else still on the fence about playing out of fear of getting spoilers of any of the series represented?

Taking the meme to its logical conclusion: a documentary detailing its history in way too much depth

"Why are you wearing a mask and carrying a knife?"
"Are you in the right headspace to-"
"Good. That will only make the reveal more unsettling for you."

I still read people who use the singular they, but still conjugated as the plural they, as a person with multiple personality disorder.

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