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Wow, Sony managed to keep the shape and exact specs of the under wraps for yet another conference

Seems like Kraken, the new compression algorithm used by Sony, is NOT related at all with, go figure

Sony switched from to another compression algorithm, and it was NOT but some proprietary thingamajig named "Kraken"? I'm shaking my head a bit right now.

Things I've learned on the latest developers conference:

- Zlib ( ) is used basically everywhere, FTW
- Buy SSDs, they're the future

Siendo que es una abreviatura de "Coronavirus-caused Disease" ("Enfermedad causada por el Coronavirus"), ¿no sería correcto abreviarla, en castellano purista, como ? Al menos conozco una instancia de esa abreviatura... en catalán:

That reminds me: to those who played on the back in the day and later got the version, could you transfer your save data? And if so, did the achievements earned on the EGS version unlock automatically or not?

Hoy me fui enterando que el doblaje de la película de Sonic lo lideraron un startalent y un exfandubber

COVID-19 Miami-Dade County Information 

Awesome, somebody actually thought about the truckload of people that feared completely losing their gym gains during a prolonged state-mandated quarantine:

Update on the case: the 17.000 hand sanitizers got confiscated and redistributed. The rudder turned haaaaard to the left here but hey, who can blame them.

- Remember the name of this jerk very well. He bought the whole stock of hand sanitizer several miles around (17k units) and planned to sell it on Amazon with gouged prices until caught by the authorities.

Looks like is aware of , or at least of some of their "rips". Same goes for . I can't wait for a meme-laden collab between them in the future.

#Simulation #CoViD19 #Coronavirus #Javascript 

Really cursed idea that crossed my mind: rerendering from but replacing the model of Big Buck with a 3D model of .

¿Entonces en vez de suspender la jornada de la , van a jugar a puerta cerrada? Disculpen mi paranoia pero me huele a mancuerna con la gente de

Que alguien me explique por qué la tiene como seis vehículos, todos ellos Toyota Rav4 y uno sin placa, requisados con dos patrullas de custodia en la calle frente a mi casa en Río Oro de Santa Ana

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