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Here's hoping the new Spider-Man is not capped to 30 FPS on the

La Zona Norte ya valió tanto, que literalmente van a llamar a los Cascos Azules de la ONU a la frontera...

There are several console exclusives on discount this week, but I can't decide on one (budget, yo) so what do you recommend me to pick first?

Estoy en un webinar sobre la y si he aprendido algo, es que el teletrabajo nos va a facilitar demasiado cumplir las métricas este año

Has ANYONE managed to win a game of Ludo in ? I've been grinding for three days now and best I could get is second place. Those dice rolls are anything but random I tell you.

Given the news leaks? Time to finish both parts of Persona 2, I guess

El único pero que le veo a la Ley contra el Acoso Sexual Callejero va a ser probar más allá de la duda razonable que efectivamente ocurrió el acoso. Por dicha hay cámaras pero si no las hay, es literalmente palabra contra palabra en la corte

I wonder what would @hbmmaster think about Indonesian, if taken as a constructed creole auxlang

Dunno why but "Corona 5G" sounds like a new model of smartphone when out of context

Well, that's it. The last Gift Box I'll ever get, since the game's servers are going offline next month.

Coronavirus comes from "corona" which is Latin for "crown", "crown" translates as "keter" in Hebrew, which is the top hierarchy in the Kabbalah and the highest standard containment level in the SCP Foundation - CORONA IS BASICALLY A CONTAINMENT BREACH

I have added a little tool to ddevlang which you can feed a chapter of your favorite LN or manga to, and it'll output an Anki deck for studying vocab:


Por fin llegó el procesador 3300X a Costa Rica:

Dependiendo de cómo esté la cosa me mudo a AMD el mes entrante

Viendo las noticias y entre el coronavirus, las protestas, el dengue y la tormenta tropical con inundaciones, estoy tipo:

Still waiting for this specific ticket to move to "Recently Shipped": @EpicGames

Even in my country, I'm well aware that if I had a bit more melanin, I would've probably had a bout with the mall's security officer.

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I was slipped a fake bill once, by a taxi driver. Later that day, not knowing it was fake, I tried to pay a burger with it, but the cashier found out, I explained what happened and paid with a card. Reasonable answer, unlike what happened to Mr. Floyd.

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