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In today's episode of "interesting things possible thanks to the ", someone's developing a 3D visual novel based on a play by Anton Chekhov:

We teamed up with 5 ethical tech companies to offer sustainable alternatives, like renting a fair smartphone (, selecting a responsible operator ( & using an OS that respects your privacy ( 👉

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People forget that Amazon is the Feds.

Ring, Echo, Alexa etc. and now Internet sharing are all mass surveillance tools which create a large mesh network.

They’ll likely sale the data to police departments and 3 letter agencies in a move to become the largest security company.

Note to self: next July 16th, tweet that Kingdom Hearts is about 258 Days (/2) away from being released out of Epic Games

Algo me dice que si a Vicky Fuentes le hacen un avatar de Skirry, su personaje viejo de Radio Colorín, le entra y le entra duro

Being acquainted with everyone, but friends with nobody. Being respected by all, but reliant on none. Being remembered by everyone, but missed by no one. That is the goal of the anchorite.

I didn't expect AMD to announce basically everything EXCEPT for a more affordable desktop GPU. Still waiting for a 6600 here!

Quick question for the @LowSpec_Gamer: do you consider the 5600G (officially announced to be at $259) affordable enough to count as low-spec?

Por pura vara me puse a buscar en las etiquetas de Twitch si había algún canal con las etiquetas "Costa Rica" y "VTuber" al mismo tiempo... y no me voy encontrando el canal de @KyuSyl

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Si cada habitante de Costa Rica sin importar su edad dona 100 colones, tendríamos aproximadamente 500 mil millones de colones, suficiente para darle a cada habitante mínimo 100 colones

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