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is a very interesting game mechanically speaking. Air grabs! Strong attacks trade like rock paper scissors! Infinite shields until you're pushed to the ledge! Every attack reflects projectiles, AND projectiles can be grabbed!

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The whole internet loves Hardhat Cat, a lovely cat that wears a hardhat! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the cat supports the annexation of Crimea

One can only be surprised by the top-tier diplomatic and mental gymnastics of the CCP. Getting buddy-buddy with the Afghan Taliban while at the same time "integrating" the Uighurs into the Chinese population? Any other country would be unable to pull that dissonance

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found on the achievements page for cookie clicker:

Tomorrow I'm undusting my good old standalone wireless box, and hooking it through the wall to another room just in case

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I still can't believe that connecting my computer to my phone via through my local 5GHz Wi-Fi drops 30% of the frames in lag spikes that happen every single second, while the problem disappears almost completely by connecting it THROUGH MOBILE DATA

Guess who managed to brick two different x86 motherboard BIOSes last month

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

The hashtag animation for is no longer working for me, but from the screenshots I found, it does include red BUT NOT GREEN

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If it's interpreted as a block of hexadecimal colors, they're red and green respectively:

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Checking what the heck does mean and why is it trending on Twitter:

- It's definitely a hexadecimal code
- It doesn't seem to be valid ASCII or Unicode
- Translating the numbers in two-character blocks, they're 129, 146, 28,178, 50, and finally 39

Hold up, didn't a Dragon Quest protag use literally this outfit?
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Shelley Duvall na Vogue em 1971: tudo pra mim

Cosa curiosa, los paralímpicos son uno de los pocos lugares donde la gente le gusta ver atletas jugando literalmente con las patas

I wondered if somebody was considering tanned people to count as blackface racism and guess what, not even a week ago such a thing was trending on TikTok

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levels of environmental storytelling that one can only aspire to in art

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