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The GameCube logo is a work of art. It's a cube, inside another cube, that together form an abbreviated "GameCube" with "G" in the body and and "C" in the negative space.

God damn brilliant.

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Stupid puns by medical speciality a thread:
Internal Medicine

Calling it already, Reindog will be involved in the source of Shaggy's new powers in

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Big Chungus, which is somehow a joke, has a Ryu Number of 3.

0 days since somebody uses my admittedly horrible profile pic as an ad hominem. Not like I can do much about my face, I'm basically unable to smile naturally in a picture

Wondering how will the mechanics of compare to . Will there be wavedashes? Airdashes? How will defensive options work? Does the emphasis on 2v2 mean there will be customizable movesets? Can this be played on an arcade stick?

Wondering if @GiIvaSunner , @TTGrandDad or somebody else has already mashed up any song from with the Red Light, Green Light countdown music from

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Bird therapy. Comic dub collab w the amazing @VoicesByZane!

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