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After that tweet I sent about #Mastodon I've seen a lot of people following me here. The neat part is - I'm not even using @Mastodon! Instead I'm using #Hubzilla, which in turn is compatible with Mastodon's #ActivityPub protocol (among a few others) - that's the beauty of #federation.
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Wil Wheaton ( @Wil Wheaton ), of #StarTrek fame, has announced he'll close his #Twitter account and move to a #Mastodon instance. He's still keeping his Facebook and Instagram but hey, it's a small step for #federation.

Dataminers have found evidence that #Steam will integrate #Wine compatibility for their #Linux client. I know that Steam is proprietary, but having one app in check to play my games, instead of a whole OS spying me, is an improvement in my checklist.

Valve is seemingly working on a way of making Windows Steam games playable on Linux - VG247


It looks like Valve is working behind the scenes on enabling Linux game compatibility tools to work on Steam.
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Well if I have to disclose my pronouns my tier list goes like:
- He (best choice)
- They, it (not ideal but the effort is appreciated)
- Neologisms like "zir" (I'll probably think it's a foreign language but you do you)
- She (big nope; if you see me in person and still use it I'll feel really confused)
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La delgada línea entre reforma educativa y adoctrinamiento está debilitándose en Venezuela. Por poco nos cuelan unos cuantos párrafos de eso acá en Costa Rica.
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#MonsterHunterWorld 's implementation of #Denuvo requires the CPU to support FMA3 instructions to boot up - a higher requirement than the game itself
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I can no longer crosspost from #Hubzilla to #Twitter and from there to #Facebook. Now I must post on Hubzilla first, then manually paste the text in Facebook so it gets crossposted from there to Twitter. And Facebook is actually blaming Cambridge Analytica for this...
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Yup, that's me whenever I have a project (via @morevnaproject)
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#Fabric touts itself as a more private alternative to #Facebook, created by former employees. But it seems to be yet another data silo that tracks the users ' movements.
Interesante propuesta la de la #RedEducativaBicentenario, básicamente dándole a todas las escuelas públicas acceso a una intranet para compartir materiales entre sí. Me pregunto si usarán internamente algún protocolo conocido como, no sé, Nextcloud.
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The only reason I still use #Windows is because most PC games aren't released for #Linux. If this goes through the #PCMR won't fare any better than consoles - forget paying a monthly fee for online, now pay a fee for the OS itself! #DaaS
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It's been quite a while since I last had to use #Amazon to ship something. This time I had it sent with standard shipping instead of express - the least I want to do to overworked shipment employees under minimum wage is to hurry them up even further.
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I saw this #Facebook spoof ad by @LastWeekTonight and it reminded me of why do I have a #Hubzilla node:
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Unpopular opinion: the #LGV10 did the #notch better than the #iPhoneX. Clear division between the "main" and "notch" parts of the screen, better usage of screen space on the notched part, and the sideways notch blends better than a central one.
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In today's edition of #SadWorld: a trailer truck shipping merchandise rolls over on Veracruz, Mexico. While it would usually be sacked by the mobs, this particular one ends up safe because it carried... books!áiler-volcado-veracruz-salva-rapiña-194700644.html
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As of late I've been receiving several registration requests from #erexcolbart (dot) xyz - a known spam domain... Who'd've thought it, my server is now a honeypot
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In which @vihartvihart explains one of many ways in which marketing lies through math:
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Not sure if if was PluckLockEx (, but after upgrading LineageOS, the phone kept freezing after entering the PIN on the homescreen. Safe Mode failed, downgrading LOS failed. Backing up and reformatting as I type this.